With many years of experience in the field of digitizing and handling sensitive, high profile documents and works of art, DigitalReadingRoom.org is one of Europe’s biggest suppliers of digital images to archives and museums.

With volumes of over 18,000,000 images produced in 2013 and over 22,000,000 images in 2014, we are accustomed to handling large volumes of different types of documents and works of art.

Our knowledgeable and experienced operators offer on and off site digitization according to the unique needs and requirements of each of our clients, always keeping proper document handling techniques and cost efficiency in mind.

We offer

  • Many years of experience in digitizing
  • Accustomed to handling and preparing documents and works of art for digitization
  • Accustomed to handling high volumes
  • Accustomed to handling documents in various conditions and of various sizes
  • Ability to provide on and off site digitization
  • All in a cost efficient manner

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